Create a CHIKOO POWDER Milkshake instantly, wherever you are!

Pure dry chikoo powder and a small amount of sugar are both present in the Chikoo Milkshake powder.


Mix 1/2 litre of milk with 100g of Chikoo Milkshake powder

Keep it frozen for ten to twenty minutes.

Mix it in a mixer, then serve the cold and delicious Chikoo Milkshake.

An excellent and healthy energy drink that is great for the entire family. the ideal choice for children.

The product is convenient to use and easy to store.
It can be utilized to create Chikoo Milkshake (recipe given). Try it with various combinations to see how it works. Additionally, you may use it to make a variety of desserts, including cakes, laddoos, barfi, and sheera. Sugar isn’t found in great abundance in it. You can adjust the sugar to your liking.
Chikoo’s delicate flavor complements practically anything. Try blending your own shakes.